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Esthetic Dentistry - General

Today's ever changing technology has greatly enhanced our abilities to improve one's smile which is always beneficial to a persons self esteem and confidence.

Some procedures such as bleaching to lighten the teeth and bonding to change tooth contours are totally elective.

Other procedures such as all ceramic anterior crowns and veneers can correct underlying structural defects while also giving superior aesthetic results. Often times smiles that are unbalanced have tooth position or tissue problems that may require orthodontics (braces) or periodontal (gum tissue procedures such as grafting or re-positioning) to achieve an ideal balance.

In cases of jaw growth problems orthognathic (jaw surgery) may also be utilized. Hence multiple specialist may be utilized to achieve a final result. A comprehensive evaluation utilizing diagnostic plaster models, x-rays , periodontal evaluation of gum tissues, photographs and sometimes consultation with other specialists are all utilized to give you your best treatment choices.

In some cases tooth loss and failure of multiple old restorations requires careful planning utilizing the above techniques along with complex procedures such as crowns bridges and dental implants to restore a mouth to normal function.

In some cases ideal treatment can be phased over a period of months or years to achieve an ideal result but if bite opening is required may necessitate a complete treatment . Porcelain veneers are a very thin, eggshell thickness of porcelain that is laminated to the existing tooth. The advantage of porcelain veneers is the ability to do very conservative and minimal tooth reduction and yet be able to re-enamel the entire facial or smiling surface of the tooth to improve esthetics and add to the overall strength of the tooth.

Limitations for use of veneers include the need for a more ideal occlusion or bite relationship and also sufficient remaining enamel to provide adequate bond strength. As long as sufficient enamel is available, the long-term predictability of the veneer is can be comparable to a conventional crown.

All-porcelain crowns allow us the ability to provide a very strong structure for tooth replacement and the optical characteristics of all-porcelain provide the most aesthetic crown restoration that can be achieved. All-porcelain crowns are utilized when insufficient tooth structure remains to use a more conservative procedure such as a laminate veneer.

Current technology is available to allow us to place the crowns and obtain a very realistic color transition with gum tissue and eliminate unsightly black lines or black triangles at the gum line. The benefits of many of the all-porcelain techniques now utilized allow us to achieve a smooth color transition between crown margins and tooth structures.

In the event of minor tissue recession or change over time a dark black unsightly line is never visible. Composite Bonding utilizes state of the art resin like materials that when bonded to tooth structure will blend very naturally to the tooth . This gives us the ability to widen, lengthen, or fill in dark spaces by the gum line.